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36 DAYS of type is a challenge that we joined online, on instagram in 2020. We chose the theme of sports for the reinterpretation of the alphabet. That's how we came to make a character design series that takes the shape of a letter, but at the same time we found it interesting to research different types of sports we have never heard of. Ex: Pushball, Xare, Yachting, Zorba,  Football.

We experimented, starting with sketching the characters to colors and textures in 3d format, and then to how we would see them animated.

So the :
A stands for Archery, B  stands for Bowling, C stands for Canoeing, D stands for Darts, E stands for Enduro, F stands for Fishing, G  stands for Golf, H stands for Hockey, I stands for Ice Climbing, J stands for Javelin Throw, K stands for Kendo, L stands for Longboarding, M  stands for Marathon, N is for Nordic Skiing, O stands for romanian sport Oina, P stands for Pushball, Q  stands for Quidditch, R stands for Reining, S stands for Snowboarding, T stands for Tennis, U stands for Unicycle Handball, V stands for Volleyball, W stands for Wrestling, X stands for Xare, Y stands for Yachting, Z stands for Zorba Football.

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