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How we started

Then we went to the TATE where there was a temporary exhibition with some interesting questions "What happens when two colors are next to each other?" "Do colors help you see shapes or movement?" "Can color refer to a certain period of time?" "Is there color when we don't look at each other?"
This whole journey was like an initiation for our path to take a decision. It motivated us and made us promise that we will not postpone our plan, that we will carry it to the end. It had been postponing it for too long. And this is another journey we dreamed of, a common space in which we planned to collaborate & experiment on projects, we were curious what would come out.
It's been 5 years since then and here we are, just as strongly motivated as back then on the streets of London. So, totay we decided to open a blog category where they can tell you more about us.
So who are we? Why are we doing this? How did I get here?

We are 2 colors that met at one point at work, in 2005, at MTV Romania, since then we practiced our passions, we traveled, we learned we lived and we experimented. We know that the name CO (nstantin) + LOR (eta) is not unique on the market but our story is unique. After a long time of seeing what it means to work in the creative industry, we wondered what a studio would mean to us. And we claim that a studio is an experimental space, it's not a place where you only work in the chair all day long only for clients, but a space where after pressing the play button, we do everything we like: sculpture, ceramics, drawing, murals experienced with animation . A space where we combine all our pleasures, a journey from which we want to be financially sustainable. Illustration, 3d and animation are for us the most sustainable activities that we are happy to offer to people who contact us.

In 2016, we remember our last trip to London, we left Bucharest on a rainy autumn day and arrived in London on a sunny but cold day. We wanted to visit the places we had seen before and the places that are not familiar. We went to see the London Bienalla, which had the theme "UTOPIA". As we wandered across many interesting exhibitions from 37 countries each one of them approaching serious themes like meteorological instruments, riches of nature, water shortage,humanitarian crisis, microplastic, religion, politics, sci-fi socialism a particular subject caught our attention. The German unique response to utopia, the kind of definition for utopia given by John Malkovich,  "Utopia means elsewhere". A clear tribute to the american actor , that  argues the state of happiness, it is always better elsewhere than where you are now.
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