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T H E   S T O R Y   O F   T A R T E L I C I O U S

It is a project that we initiated in the first year of studio. We wanted to put the stories of small
businesses at the beginning of the road in an illustrated and animated way, as we like.
The girls who own the bakery Tartdelicious, Rodi and Cata, accepted our challenge and told us their story.
In the most sincere way they answered the question: how did the passion for cooking begin and
how did they end up putting together a delicious business.

The way of working for this animated  2d story involved the following steps:
the girls wrote the story, we came back with a series of sketches for the characters,
a sketched storyboard , they gave us feedback, and then we moved on to the next stage where
we colored the storyboard and then we animated it with the voice recorded from the start.

We would like to do this kind of projects further whenever we have the opportunity.
So don't forget to write to us.

Client: Tartelicious

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