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The anthropology of flowers in the vase

We live our lives in colors and shapes. Each of us perceives reality differently, and how we react depends on our vision, our mood, or where we are from.

We used shapes and colors to explore our thoughts, feelings, or their place in the world.
The anthropology of the flowers is a study observed by Loreta, in the cold seasons. The frequency with which we replace the plants in the vase and witness the same process of dying plants. It's a loop in which each plant dries and withers differently. It is a freezed moment of the plant’s life

A 3d illustration, a collaboration totally different between us 2. Different in the sense that Loreta modeled the objects Constantin made the art direction, he played with textures, lights. At first it looks like the famous still life paintings but then you can see the changes.

You can find this colection for sale as Nft

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